Hello! I decided to restart my blog now that I have graduated and have more time. You can subscribe to new posts on my Substack, Hopefully Improving

This page here contains my blog posts from 2019. I’ll leave them here, but the substack is where it’s at.

December 27, 2019. I know you won’t watch the 6 hours of lectures from ML4h 2019, but maybe you’ll read a 40 minute summary.
December 8, 2019. A reflection of the chances I took and a lesson that I learned in 2019.
November 11, 2019. Twitter banned political ads on their platform, and Facebook should follow suit.
November 4, 2019. Justice Kagan is amazing at what she does. Here’s my attempt to explain why.
October 20, 2019. A collection of case studies that illustrate the importance of real, strong baselines in Machine Learning.
September 23, 2019. I did an anonymous tally of who was dominating the conversation in my class for a week. Here are the results and my reaction to it.
September 8, 2019. Over a year ago, I gave up watching football in protest of CTE. Now I’m reassessing the social costs and benefits. Unsure what’s “right”, but trying a new approach.
August 17, 2019. Reflections from my first class that I TA’d. What I learned & what went well.
August 14, 2019. My first research blog post. Black patients and white patients often experience end-of-life (EOL) differently.
August 6, 2019. I need to learn to overcome my fears so that I can grow from useful feedback.

March 10, 2019. Creative Problem-Solving For Elementary Kids in Dracut!

January 20, 2019. Is technology helping us dehumanize one another? Is that a bad thing?

January 6, 2019. A reflection about thinking creatively, listening to many smart people, realizing I was mistaken, and trying to do better.