Hello! Welcome to my new blog Hopefully Improving! I decided to start this as a way to explore ideas I’ve been thinking about, and I hope you can help me figure some of these things out!

Sept 23, 2019. I did an anonymous tally of who was dominating the conversation in my class for a week. Here are the results and my reaction to it.
Sept 8, 2019. Over a year ago, I gave up watching football in protest of CTE. Now I’m reassessing the social costs and benefits. Unsure what’s “right”, but trying a new approach.
August 17, 2019. Reflections from my first class that I TA’d. What I learned & what went well.
August 14, 2019. My first research blog post. Black patients and white patients often experience end-of-life (EOL) differently.
August 6, 2019. I need to learn to overcome my fears so that I can grow from useful feedback.

March 10, 2019. Creative Problem-Solving For Elementary Kids in Dracut!

January 20, 2019. Is technology helping us dehumanize one another? Is that a bad thing?

January 6, 2019. A reflection about thinking creatively, listening to many smart people, realizing I was mistaken, and trying to do better.