Today we had our Regional tournament for Dracut DI. Teams in the Merrimack Valley all gathered at Chelmsford High School to present their solutions to their various Destination ImagiNation challenges. Dracut had 3 teams:
– 2 Fine Arts teams and
– 1 Service Learning team.

All three of our teams were returning from last year (which was DI’s first year back in Dracut in years). And with a few new faces added to each team, every single one of them did even better than they did in 2018. It was so rewarding to see how hard everyone worked!

Tyler and Anne accepting the 2nd place ribbons on behalf of their team at Closing Ceremonies.

In an incredibly exciting end to the night, our Service Learning team (managed by Anne) placed 2nd at the tournament! This was Dracut’s first time on the stage at DI’s awards ceremony since the program returned. The last time Dracut placed at any DI tournament was 2013, so this is a really proud moment! We are so proud of James, Tyler, Marissa, and Julianne for their hard work!!

Sad soup cans at the Dracut Food Pantry hoping for volunteers to turn them into delicious food.

Anne’s team participated in the Service Learning challenge: they chose a community service project and then created/performed a skit to tell their project’s story. The team chose to work on assembling a database of volunteer opportunities in Dracut for other kids in their school to volunteer. By building this “volunteering database” and running a volunteer sign-up booth at recess, they were able to build a project that amplified their impact beyond what they could do themselves! In their skit, they showed the perspective of some lonely soup cans at the Dracut Food Pantry. The performance ended as student volunteers arrived to help transform the excited cans into food to feed the hungry. It was very wholesome!

Our two other teams worked on the Fine Arts challenge. They needed to choose a game to research, and then present a skit which has a cool game gizmo and multiple points of view.

Two points of view: those sucked inside the board game (left) and those playing (right).

Andrea’s team (Evan, Nolan, Serena, Julia, Logan, and Matthew) chose Monopoly. In their skit, Julia and Logan got sucked into the board. They tried to return home as they explored the world of giant dice, giant chance cards, and a not-so-friendly Mr. Monopoly. The team worked really hard on their technical element:  headlights (made out of water bottles) on Mr. Monopoly’s car. In the end, Julia sprung Logan out of jail and the two of them got back to their friends! Next time, they’ll probably just stick to Mario Party.

The pup-icorns join forces with the cat-icorns to save the kidnapped princess.

The second Fine Arts team from Dracut was Charlotte, Yulianna, Gretchen, Rosalie, Elise, and Vivienne (managed by Nicole). The team worked so hard on their props and scenery, and it really showed! They set up their many backdrops and presented their Webkinz-inspired story. The princess was kidnapped and tied to a tree, so the pup-icorns teamed up with the cat-icorns to work together to save the princess. I managed this team last year back when it was just Vivienne and Rosalie, and I was blown away by how far they’ve come with a year of experience and a few friends (as well as an incredible mom / team manager in Nicole). They did so well! And even more importantly, they had fun!

Vivienne, Rosalie, and me from our 2017-2018 team that I managed.

I am so proud of how hard everyone worked to make this happen. Thank you to everyone who donated so that we could afford to register for the tournament. Thank you to Dracut Public Schools (especially Principal Kimble from the Campbell) for being so supportive at every step of this process. Thank you to Alyssa McCallion for designing our awesome t-shirts for two years in a row now, and to Ann Morin for printing them so quickly! An ENORMOUS thank you to the team managers, who honestly had the hardest job of all. And also a thank you to my fellow Dracut DI Coordinator, Maggie Regan! I am so happy with how this year went, and I’m even more excited for DI 2020!

Dracut DI 2019


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  1. Hi Querido, Hope you are doing well? I enjoyed reading this page the you set up and I wanted to donate to help your cause but I didn’t see anywhere to click to be able to donate. Where do I go??? Love Auntie Inez

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