I’m a PhD student in the Clinical Decision Making Group (MEDG) at MIT CSAIL supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. My interests are:

  • Machine Learning for Healthcare
  • Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning
  • Tech Policy
  • How can we make the world a better place?

Last year, I finished my Masters Thesis studying racial disparities in end-of-life care. Essentially, it appears that when you don’t trust your doctor (which is correlated with race) then you are not as prepared to handle difficult end-of-life situations. This results in more aggressive care being used by nonwhite patients (which is emotionally difficult and also very expensive).

I just spent my summer interning at Aledade deploying an ML model to identify patients who would benefit most from EOL planning conversations. A large amount of this effort involved making sure that the deployed model was fair and transparent, and that it didn’t exacerbate existing racial disparities.

I’m currently working on:

  • NLP for Psychiatric Risk Stratification
  • Chest X-Ray Report Generation

This Fall, I’m TA’ing Foundations of Internet Policy (6.805) about tech policy, including: free speech, privacy, markets/monopolies, and Section 230 of the CDA.

This year, I am working on the following extra-curricular endeavors:

  • CSC (President): Building a strong CSAIL community, with an emphasis on inclusivity.
  • Dracut DI (Director): Expanding DI to Dracut’s middle school and building on our elementary school success!
  • Dracut Girls Who Code (Supporter): Working with Dracut High to make sure they have a Girls Who Code chapter & they are supported with whatever they need.

Something I could be doing better at? Is it too awkward to mention to me in-person? Let me know anonymously!

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