I’m a PhD student in the Clinical Decision Making Group (MEDG) at MIT CSAIL supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Last year, I finished my Masters Thesis modeling mistrust in the doctor-patient relationship to study racial disparities in end-of-life care. I’m currently working on:

  • NLP for Psychiatric Risk Stratification
  • Chest X-Ray Report Generation
  • Policies for Smart Transit data privacy in the “Age of Uber.”

Also this semester, I’m TA’ing for MIT’s new course Machine Learning for Healthcare! I am so excited for this.

  • The lectures are being recorded and will be on MIT OCW after the semester.
  • We have invited speakers throughout the semester coming in to talk about ML being deployed for improving health.
  • We are piloting a “ML for Health Community Consulting” program where doctors in the Boston area can come in for free data science advice on projects/models/etc.

In general, I’m interested in technology, healthcare, policy, society, machine learning, and (to some extent) effective altruism. Also, I love going for runs and playing with dogs.

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